Sunday, August 26, 2007

Tutorial: Install Ubuntu Studio Theme

The Ubuntu Studio theme is a cool and amazing theme for your Ubuntu!

Recently, I described how to get your Ubunto to clone the Vista glass effect and other effects introduced by M$. However After an experience of beryl and Ubuntu Studio, I was convinced this is more stylish!

Ubuntu studio is generally targeted at users who need to be creative and productive. And its got the added style factor to it too. (Although many are content with standard beryl effects, which outperform vista's aero any day :)).
Here is a better description:

Ubuntu Studio is a variant of Ubuntu that concentrates on three creative tasks: video editing, audio recording and graphics.

Ubuntu Studio is based on the Feisty Fawn release of Ubuntu but does away with Ubuntu's default orange/brown theme in favour of a sexy charcoal gradient affair with highlights of a nice neon blue.

Certainly for audio recording, people should pay Ubuntu Studio a look-in. There is a large array of tools preconfigured on a low-latency kernel making real-time recording and processing manageable.

Well that was about Ubuntu Studio itself(Read more abt it here); this tutorial will tell you how to install the "theme" on Ubuntu 7.04.

Get to the good old terminal and follow these steps:

  1. Add a new repository:
    $ sudo su -c 'echo deb feisty main >> /etc/apt/sources.list'
  2. Get the key and Install it:
    $ wget -q -O- | sudo apt-key add -
  3. Update the repository:
    $ sudo aptitude update
  4. Install the new theme:
    $ sudo aptitude install ubuntustudio-look

...And that should just about do it! Enjoy!


Fhernd said...

I saw this information useful. I was searching somethins like this. Thanks. See you soon.

laertis said...

Hi there. I'm an ubuntu hardy user and i followed your tutorial step by step.I have to admit that i'm not too familiar with ubntu since i'm only using them only for a couple of years.So to get to the point during the installation process the "apt-key add" - didn't workd! And further more after i logged out i was missing my login screen and there is also no "system->administration->login window" option to fix it!However the theme worked just fine and it's really good. Sorry to posting this here but i found nowhere else to to respond. Do you have any ideas? Please if you are willing to answer me here is my e-mail .

Anonymous said...

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