Saturday, June 30, 2007

Black Google Would Save 750 Megawatt-hours a Year

Something to Ponder over. (Note that this may be true more for CRTs than other displays, but nevertheless quite thought provoking). is a site that is powered by google search (custom search). What it means is that the search you do there is actually google search displayed in a different, dark colour scheme. Why would you want something like that? Here are some reasons for starters:

An all white web page uses 74 Watts
An all black web page uses 59 Watts
Google gets 200million queries a day
Assuming each query takes 10 sec
Google runs for 555000 hrs per day (Its running simultaneously on many PCs - A Cluster)
So a shift from White to Black would save a total of 74-59=15 Watts, which would in turn lead to global savings of 8.3MegaWatt-hrs per day, or 3000MegaWatt-hrs per year.

And for those of you still not convinced, well, it seems soothing for the eyes, if nothing else ;-)

Check it out

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D said...

it indeed is a lot easier on the eyes.
I use stylish - an extension for firefox - to change a lot of websites to black/darker colors. :D