Thursday, July 05, 2007

Make Ubuntu look like Vista

Get the best of both!

Whats so good about Vista besides the **grafix**? Arguably, not much.
And we all know whats so Good about Linux, dont we? Everything.
Get the best of both - The Vista Grafix on you Linux Distro! Since ive been using Ubuntu as my lean, mean and reliable OS, here are some steps for getting the 'Aero' glass effect on Ubuntu:

1.Get Ubuntu

If you are not already using it,
download Ubuntu from

2.Get the Vista fonts

You need the microsoft segoe UI font.
Look at the second post in this Forum

Unzip the downloaded archive and place the two .ttf files in your .fonts directory.
You can find it in your user folder ./home/$USERNAME/.fonts/
For example: /home/kimmik/.fonts

If the directory .fonts does not exist, create it.

3.The Aero Clone Theme

Download the Aero-clone theme from

Go to the download site >>

Install the Beryl and GTK theme as usual


Download the nuoveXT-aero iconset

Go to the download site >>

Install the nuoveXT-aero iconset


Change the gnome-panel size to 32px height

6.Vista Start Button Screenlet

Download and install "Desktop Screenlets"

Go to the download site >>

Install the "orb" screenlet (The orb screenlet is included in the .tar.gz from

Place the orb screenlet above the main-menu button and lock the position.


If you want to make the experience complete download some Vista wallpapers for your desktop.
I found very good wallpapers on this forum:

WinMatrix-Forum: Overview of Vista Wallpapers >>

WinMatrix-Forum: Official Vista Wallpapers >>

WinMatrix-Forum: Vista Wallpapers which aren't included in Vista per default >>
As for me, Im content with my enlightenment e17 on my Ubuntu. Will try out the vista effect later. Tell me about it if u tried...or if I missed out some further customizations.


Anonymous said...

Any good OS X based Gnome theme?

D said...

look out for this theme:

not exactly like OS X but similar stuff and yes, stylish too!

cmnetworx said...

so I need to install Beryl with GTK to get this to work? Is there any way of doing this in the default theme manager?

Anonymous said...

Not necessary.
Its solely at your discretion whether you want the effect that way or not!

Anonymous said...

HAHA worst theme ever!