Saturday, July 07, 2007

Larry Page(Google Owner) with his Gf?!...Hawaii?!?!?!

(Update: the pictures of larry page that i put here, was banned by google and they removed it from blogger's image directly without permission - I should have used flickr or something else - but anyways I do not intend to infringe stupid copyright issues and so the post remains as it is -though i have the images on my comp :P )

Alright, after the Ballmer craze I posted earlier, here is another shocker I found while random surfing over that huge web we call the internet.

Im not sure whether they are genuine or staged or even downright fake...but it sure as hell looks real to me.

Check them out yourself:

Ok..when u see stuff like this you cant stay ignorant.
So I searched over the web (guess what..I used Google!). Seems like the name of the girl is

Lucy Southworth on a trip to Hawaii in Sep 2005

If that seems unheard of, check THIS OUT!:

hmmm....Strange, but I don't think the news got the kind of publicity it demands.

And no, Larry didnt tweak Google to censor the news...I searched all over yahoo as well :)

Heres an anonymous comment on pics ;)

"He is about to do move 110 from the googlesutra. Step one: embrace your partner. Step two: lace her drink with a ruffi. Step three: smell her bottom lip when she falls asleep".

And mine? Well, lets keep it simple:

"LOL :-D"

Lemme know anything else you might find...


D said...

Amazin stuff..wheredyu find it man??

Anonymous said...

wow where did you find that im sure he wants it private