Tuesday, July 03, 2007

Finally GPL v3 is released

Finally I have more value attached to June 29th than just the iPhone ;)

After an unprecedented development process that brought four drafts in eighteen months, the Free Software Foundation Latest News about Free Software Foundation (FSF) has released the third version of the GNU General Public License (GNU GPL), the world's most popular free software license.

"Since we founded the free software movement over 23 years ago, the free software community has developed thousands of useful programs that respect the user's freedom," explained Richard Stallman, founder and president of the FSF. "
The programs are in the GNU/Linux operating system, as well as personal computers, telephones, Internet servers and more. Most of these programs use the GNU GPL Latest News about GPL to guarantee every user the freedom to run, study, adapt, improve and redistribute the program."

Tweak as You Please: Version 3 of the GNU GPL strengthens this guarantee, the FSF says, by ensuring that users can modify the free software on their personal and household devices, and by granting patent licenses to every user. It also extends compatibility with other free software licenses and increases international uniformity.

Because the GPL license is used by so many open source projects -- about 75 percent -- it's also the most influential.

The FSF says that more than 15 GNU programs will be released under the new license today, with the entire GNU Project to follow suit in the coming months. Plus, the FSF will also encourage adoption of the license through education and outreach programs.

"A lot of time and effort went into this license. Now free programs must adopt it so as to offer their users its stronger protection for their freedom," Stallman said.

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