Tuesday, July 03, 2007

iPhone-Dismantled! : The 'Inside' story

This time round, Apple's iPhone lives to tell a different kind of story...

According to reports, just as there were enthusiasts waiting to get their hands on the iPhone, there were these tech freaks who made a mad dash to dismantle the device...

iPhone has not only been dismantled- it has been dissected part by part-by anand tech including peeling off of every layer of the display screen also.

They all but ended up revealing the innards of the iPhone -- something that Apple had tried hard to conceal...

  • Going by the revelations made by these tech revellers, pride-of-place indeed goes to Samsung Electronics, identified as the supplier of the iPhone's main microprocessor as also of NAND flash memory.

  • Intel turns out the supplier of NOR flash memory, while Broadcom is the maker of the controller chip for the iPhone.

  • Texas Instruments is identified as the supplier of a power management chip, whereas Infineon Technologies turns out the maker of parts that handle cellular communications.

  • The power amplifier is from Skyworks Solutions, while the battery charger chip is from Linear Technology.

  • Meanwhile, Cambridge Silicon Radio is the maker of the chips that allow Bluetooth wireless connectivity;

  • Marvell Technology Group - the provider of the chips that allow the iPhone to connect over WiFi networks;

  • National Semiconductor Corp - the maker of the iPhone's display chip.

Reportedly, stocks of all but a few component makers soared post the discovery. (LOL)

Chances are: if the iPhone lives up to all the hype, part/component/chip makers too will partake of the Apple-induced gravy train...

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