Sunday, July 01, 2007

A small tip for Webmasters: Search Engine Optimization

Something New that I noticed recently is that many websites which rank highly in search engine rankings have a:

<link rel="archive" href="archive pages">
in their head.

Anything in the link is not displayed by the browser but is seen by the search bots.

In a way these links are helpful in allowing search bots index the pages in the links although the links are not displayed to the user.

You can use this feature to make search bots
index the pages which are not linked through your main page. This makes your website more cohesive and easily searchable by the search bots.

Great way to include standalone pages not referenced anywhere else!

However, Google does provide other ways of doing this, one of them being the creation of a separate index page with all links.
Check up Google Webmasters Central for more information on how you can make your site better indexed by Google.

A small note: Probably in the latest web 2.0 standards, this method has become defunct. Im not sure of it, correct me if im wrong. However, backward compatibility does remain for a long time.

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