Tuesday, July 03, 2007

Ubuntu stays defiant of Microsoft Threat

There will be no deal concerning possible patent infringements with Microsoft, according to Ubuntu founder and Canonical CEO Mark Shuttleworth. His announcement follows agreements three open source vendors have signed with Microsoft in exchange for the software giant's promise not to pursue litigation against those firms.

Ubuntu will not be joining the list of open source OS and productivity suits recently linked to MS through interoperability deals.

"We have declined to discuss any agreement with Microsoft under the threat of unspecified patent infringements," says Ubuntu founder & CEO, Mark Shuttleworth.

A Little background in the story so far:

Agreements Linspire, Novell and Xandros signed with Microsoft included the software giant's assurance that it would not pursue patent infringement litigation against those firms.

In all three deals, the companies agreed to work together to make their software packages more compatible. However, Microsoft recently asserted that open source operating system Linux infringes on patents held by Microsoft and that open source companies should make agreements with Microsoft to continue to use it.

...And some closing words from Ubuntu:

"In the Ubuntu community, we believe that the freedom in free software is what's powerful, not the openness of the code," Shuttleworth stated. Still, he says of the agreements recently inked, "All the deals announced so far strike me as 'trinkets in exchange for air kisses.' Mua mua. No thanks."


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